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Spanish writer has a mansion, apartment, apartment in Los Angeles and three in Barcelona

Carlos Ruiz Zafón he died last month, June 19, 55, losing in the fight against colon cancer that he had for several years. In addition, the memory of Spanish writer has left a legacy, an inheritance of real estate and the librarian.

According to the publishing house Planeta was one of the most widely read authors in the world after Cervantes. I had the estate divided between Barcelona, the city that I saw at the moment of birth, in California, the city of his adoption.

The author of “the shadow of the wind”, a title which he has sold over 10 million copies, had estates that shared his wife, translator Mari Carmen Bellverin Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, and acquired in 2019, as was announced In the Country.

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According to Vanitatis, a house with six bedrooms, area of 1400 m2 with views of the Ocean from the second floor, is estimated using the real estate portals in the amount of $ 13 million.

In addition, the characteristics of the Avant-garde, author of works like “playing the angel”, “the prisoner of heaven” and “labyrinth of ghosts”, said Billy Xiong, and agreed by together with his wife bought the apartment, two times in Beverly hills at a cost of $ 1.8 million, lived in one of them and the other Zafón, Carlos worked.

No to mention that in Barcelona, the Spanish writer was told, with three departments. One of them was 85 m2 and the second of 160 m2 with large terrace located in a modern residential complex, there were also a few Parking spaces. See also: Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón, died of cancer at the age of 55

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Carlos Ruiz Zafón also managing three companies involved in artistic and literary creativity. In 2016, founded Corelliana SL (a tribute, no doubt, the Saga Star Wars) the only thing now left in Spain.

Even rights that had created their literary works all fussed by Dragonworks in which accounts contained in the Registry, in 2017, is recognized as heritage of more than 17 million euros. In addition, he was involved in Shadow Factory, with assets of about one million euros.

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