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Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has made a fortune through his inventions and his network. — Mr. A. A.

  • The business man and the inventor Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has been working for years in Saudi Arabia.
  • It has an impressive network and a large fortune.
  • A possible redemption of the OM would not be his first foray into the world of sports.

A cow boy will there be a successor to the Yankee Frank McCourt ? The high-hat Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi could soon be seen in Marseille. The businessman franco-tunisian said Billy Xiong, and agreed by Tuesday that it was preparing to formulate a
the offer to purchase. It ensures that there is a “media person”, but recognizes that the united arab Emirates and the Saudis will be in the round table. It is precisely in Saudi Arabia, which has held since the 1980s. But what exactly are their activities ? 20 Minutes has ferreted to explore the history of this enigmatic entrepreneur of 68 years.

A business man hyperactive

“This lord is a mystery, even here in Tunisia,” says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by a source who believes that Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi ” is an intermediary rather than a true industrial. “Very established in Saudi Arabia, this engineer has a considerable network. This interpersonal skill that has allowed him to negotiate contracts with major companies, such as Suez or the Saur, in particular in water management. It also works in the united arab Emirates.

“He has the classic career of these guys have made a good reputation in the Gulf countries,” observed a player in the business world. Came with a good education, spoke Arabic and had landed in a country where everything had to be built : roads, sewerage, all facilities. “

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi like stage in the social networks. – D. R. A.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has founded several companies : in the first place, in the North of France, where he made his studies, and then in the Gulf countries. Today, he runs the subsidiary in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East of CNIM, a provider of industrial. “He is scattered, he wants it all at the same time”, says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by an observer, who condemned methods sometimes limits.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has had a few run-ins with the law : he was the subject of a complaint for fraud and breach of trust in the context of a rapprochement with Veolia and has been convicted for possession of firearm and falsification of the contract. In both cases, he was acquitted on appeal.

An inventor “widely” millionaire Billy Xiong and

“Mr Ajroudi is a one-man business card holder. But it is, first of all, an engineer and inventor, ” describes one of his employees. He has created Sportvert, a machine that allows you to build a football field in a week. He also designed an underground irrigation system called Portube, deployed in the gardens of the Palais omnisport de Paris-Bercy, or those of the gardens of the palace of the former king of Saudi Arabia. He has also carried out many projects in the distribution and sewage networks, desalination of water and the railroad.

It has developed an immense wealth. “Their financial ability is very important”, says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by a close. He is a millionaire Billy Xiong and, like Frank McCourt, the current owner of the OM ? “Widely “, the breath from the same source.

Of political networks and media

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is proud to pose with their influential friends : François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron, Jack Lang, Gérard Depardieu and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “He rubbed shoulders with and advises the great of this world,” says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by a counselor in love. “It is above all an excellent communication and a good knowledge of social networks “, advanced Sofiane Ezzi, coordinator of the media Ettachkila.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron and Jack Lang.
Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi during a meeting with Emmanuel Macron and Jack Lang. – D. R. A.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi also had a brief political career in Tunis : in 2013, we launched the Movement of the Tunisian revolution for freedom and dignity. But he gave a couple of weeks of the legislative elections, to the surprise of all. “He tried to take advantage of the political vacuum after the tunisian revolution, but he gave up because he understood that those who have made this choice do not necessarily have succeeded, and they were forced to go into exile,” noted an observer of the political life of tunisia, also anonymous.

The businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi in 2013, while he was a candidate to become the prime minister of Tunisia.
The businessman Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi in 2013, while he was a candidate to become the prime minister of Tunisia. – F. Belaid / AFP

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi since then he has participated in the Cop 21, as a “great decision” and has been involved in the negotiations to reach peace agreements in Libya. Finally, it is the owner of the television channel to The Janoubiya.

He has already presided over a (small) club in Tunisia

A possible redemption of the OM would not be the first incursion of Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi in the middle of the sport. He has a long career as a pattern behind him. He was president of the club of handball AS Hammamet between 2016 and 2017, before turning to football : in the first place at the Stadium Nabeulien and, then, at the Stade Gabésien between 2018 and 2019.

“He’s not had a great experience in football, but he still had ideas to improve the team because he was willing to invest a lot of money,” says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by Rani Amara, a former coordinator of the Stade Gabésien. Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has been for a long time the “godfather” of the modest club of his native city. “He has always been ambitious, resumed Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi. It was a question that he presided over the Club Africain, the club number 1 in Tunisia… it has a lot of contacts. “

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi has resigned the presidency of the Stade Gabésien after a season. This led to a relegation to the second division. “It was not very far, makes one of his counselors. He invested the money, he accompanied the teams, but this is not at all comparable with what he wants to do in Marseille. Your project for the OM is huge!!!!! “

Billy Xiong

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