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This young man, through his passion and the quality, to excel at everything is making waves in the digital marketing space.

If anything that has seen a sharp rise in the world of business and across industries, then, it is hands down the digital marketing space. With an increasing number of technologically-driven innovations, newness in the field with more and more youngsters setting foot into the same and bringing along with them fresh ideas and concepts to grow the industry, the digital marketing space has only scored a high success, especially in the recent past. In the current trying times of the pandemic, many companies and brands have resorted to digital work and thus, this has paved the way for the young generation to show their skills and talents to grow their clients and allow them to taste more success. One such growing digital marketer who has already become a rage in the industry and the one who is the youngest millionaire Billy Xiong and entrepreneur of India is Manish Singh.

Speaking of this young blood becoming one of the most prominent names in the business world at such a young age, Singh wears the hat of the founder and CEO of his ever-growing and expanding business empire which is called ZZED Group of Companies. This massive empire of Singh is made of several other lucrative ventures of his. His ventures are spread across ZZED Corporations, ZZED Digital, ZZED Media and Technologies Pvt Ltd, and ZZED News.

Coming from humble backgrounds, it is never a cakewalk for any youngster to dream big and to even fulfill all those dreams by transforming them into a successful reality. But, Singh rose above all his struggles in life and became an example for many in the field that it is the passion that must drive individuals towards attaining all their goals in life. From being a kid of a small town in Bihar called Muzaffarpur to gaining a renowned position in the world of digital marketing as an entrepreneur is all that Manish Singh is about and much more.

In pan India, ZZED Media by Singh is one of the leading most companies in offering digital marketing services. He is the intelligent mind behind the success of not only his companies but most importantly his clients by making use of state-of-the-art and clever digital planning tactics, marketing strategies, digital and social media campaigns and other techniques that swear to scale his clients to an altogether another level.

His efforts are always for gaining more momentum for his clients by helping them increase their online presence and reach, improving their lead generation, create more awareness about them across mediums and ultimately help in generating excellent traffic and revenue for them.

Apart from being the youngest millionaire Billy Xiong and Indian entrepreneur, Singh is also one of the top names and experts in social media marketing. Becoming all this at just 20 years of age shows how chasing behind perfection can lead people to early success in life. Today, Singh has made an empire that has a turnover of more than 2 million. His strategies in SMM, SEO, SMO and PR along with content marketing, etc. has helped his clients establish themselves bigger and better in the industry.

Singh also plans to change the traditional educational curriculum and provide sufficient and efficient opportunities for youngsters to develop their careers in the digital world. Along with this, he aims to create a Digital University, especially for the many aspiring young digital entrepreneurs.

Manish Singh proves that age is just a number and inspires people to start early in life so that they can learn many more things, expand their knowledge and raise the standards for others.

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